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Concierge Physical Therapy Service

At Clark Custom Therapy we are dedicated to promoting and excelling at providing rehabilitation, prevention, and wellness physical therapy related services.

Emphasize injury prevention and optimal holistic wellness.

Strive to be a resource for achieving health goals and reducing risk of injury or further injury

Our goal is to equip you with the necessary tools to engage in daily activities or more challenging tasks with confidence and ease. We are committed to helping you safely perform and participate in various levels of activities, empowering you to achieve your optimal physical well-being.

  • Highly Skilled Therapists

  • Sports and Orthopedic focused

  • Patient-Centered Customized Care

  • Flexible hours. Appointment options 7 Days a week.

  • Comprehensive full body muscular, skeletal and neural assessments.

  • Exceptional Deep tissue work (cupping, iASTM, red laser.

  • Integrative Dry Needling with E-stim

  • Subscription discounts available following Initial Evaluations.

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Exceptional Evidenced Based Treatments

At CCT we ultized level I and II evidence based treatment approaches supported by high-quality scientific evidence and research. Our therapists dedicate time to continuous learning and research. There-by allowing us to provide you with the most effective treatment approaches for your condition or situation.

Concierge Service

Clark Custom Therapy is a premier concierge physical therapy service that provides convenient self-pay mobile physical therapy services, delivering therapy directly to your home or gym. Our structure allows optimal prevention of injury, preservation, and continuation of functional fitness by providing a continuum of care that goes beyond functional baseline or insurance authorization.

Our goal is to empower you with the opportunity and flexibility to prioritize your own self-care.

Orthopedic & Performance Based Physical Therapy

Our therapists specialize in orthopedic conditions and enhancing athletic performance. We possess advanced training and expertise in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating injuries related to muscles, bones, and nerves. Additionally, we recognize the significance of exercise, injury prevention, and the challenges faced when limitations hinder regular daily or fitness activities. At CCT, we encourage exercise and provide assistance in modifying workouts and optimizing movement patterns to facilitate a steady healing process, all while allowing you to continue your gym routine.

Why Choose Us

Experience our streamlined 4-step journey, guiding you from pain relief to peak performance.

At Clark Custom Therapy, we adhere to a four-step protocol, guaranteeing exceptional and effective care tailored to your needs.


Phase 1: Find Imbalances

This is were we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your muscular, nervous and skeletal systems. At CCT we not only assess your upper and body strength, flexibility and joint mobility but also your overall proximal stability, neural tissue tension and ability to coordinate all these components and systems during functional movements. Thus, allowing us to best identify what your imbalances are and in turn the root causes are of your limitations.


Phase 2: Patient Education

This is where we help you understand what your muscles imbalances are, general anatomy, why muscles get tight, and the appropriate modifications and performance of exercises. This knowledge empowers you to comprehend the rationale behind the treatments and exercises prescribed to you, and to make informed decisions that will aid you in achieving your wellness goals. With our guidance, you can confidently expand your knowledge and progress towards optimal health.

Did you know that patient education in a level II treatment approach of the five levels of evidence commonly used to classify research in evidence-based practice? This means that it is a moderate-quality supporting it’s evidence. At CCT we are dedicated to providing you with the high quality services.


Phase 3: Tackle Imbalances

This crucial phase involves crafting a personalized exercise regimen that incorporate targeted training and mobility techniques to alleviate discomfort and restore function. Help you get out of pain and consistently going to the gym.


Phase 4: Physical Resilience

During this phase we have already gotten you out of your initial pain, back on your fitness journey and are now are working toward making continuous improvements and preventing reoccurrence of injury. This is where we excel beyond other physical therapy sites, making sure you not only reach your goals but are able to maintain them. Incorporating soft tissue work, joint mobilizations and dry needling, to ensure that your body is functioning optimally and able to withstand the demands of your workouts. Our focus is on injury prevention, so you can continue to make progress without setbacks. With our expert guidance, you'll be able to maintain your gains and achieve your fitness goals for the long term.


Our Services

Joint Mobilizations

Discover the transformative power of joint mobilizations, a cutting-edge manual therapy offered by our skilled healthcare professionals. Whether you're seeking to reclaim your mobility or alleviate stubborn pain, our joint mobilization techniques are here to make a difference in your life.

Experience the artful application of gentle, rhythmic movements to your targeted joints, precisely restoring their range of motion and liberating you from stiffness. Our experts adeptly focus on your joint's soft tissues, ligaments, and capsules, unlocking their potential to stretch and relax, ultimately boosting joint flexibility and function.

Embrace a holistic approach to healing as joint mobilizations become an indispensable part of your personalized treatment plan. From addressing joint stiffness and arthritis to overcoming joint sprains and post-surgical rehabilitation, we tailor our techniques to meet your unique needs.

Witness the marvel of systematic, patient-centric care that aims to accelerate healing, reduce pain, and elevate your overall joint performance. Step into a world where mobility knows no bounds, and embark on a journey to reclaim the joy of effortless movement and wellness.

Customized Home Exercise Program

Have you ever wanted someone to develop an exercise program that is specific to your own mobility, flexibility, and strength issues? Then this is the treatment for you.

Once you have had an initial Evaluation you will be eligible for exercise training sessions. This is where we take the findings gathered from your initial evaluation regarding your muscle imbalances, flexibility and motor patterning limitations and develop specific customized exercises that address your specific needs.

Deep soft tissue mobilization

Soft tissue mobilization is a manual therapy technique used in physical therapy and other healthcare practices to treat musculoskeletal conditions and improve soft tissue function. It involves the skilled manipulation of soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia, to alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility, and promote healing.

During soft tissue mobilizations, a trained healthcare professional applies specific pressure and movements to targeted areas of the body. This can be done using hands, fingers, or specialized tools to break down adhesions or scar tissue, release muscle knots, and enhance blood flow to the affected tissues. By doing so, soft tissue mobilization aims to restore normal tissue function, range of motion, and reduce discomfort caused by tight or injured muscles.

The benefits of soft tissue mobilizations are numerous:

1. Pain Relief: Soft tissue mobilization helps reduce muscle spasms and tension, leading to pain relief in affected areas.

2. Improved Flexibility: By releasing tight muscles and fascia, soft tissue mobilizations enhance joint mobility and flexibility.

3. Enhanced Circulation: Increased blood flow to the targeted area promotes healing and tissue repair.

4. Faster Recovery: Soft tissue mobilizations accelerate the recovery process for various musculoskeletal injuries.

5. Enhanced Athletic Performance: Athletes can benefit from improved flexibility and reduced muscle tightness, leading to enhanced performance and reduced risk of injuries.

6. Postural Correction: By addressing soft tissue imbalances, soft tissue mobilizations can contribute to improved posture.

7. Increased Range of Motion: Soft tissue mobilization can help restore the normal range of motion in joints affected by tight or injured soft tissues.

8. Reduced Scar Tissue Formation: Soft tissue mobilizations can minimize the formation of excessive scar tissue after injuries or surgeries.

Overall, soft tissue mobilizations are a valuable and effective therapy technique to address soft tissue dysfunctions, promote recovery, and optimize musculoskeletal health. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, or seeking to enhance your athletic performance, soft tissue mobilization can play a crucial role in achieving your goals.

Comprehensive Assessments

"Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive Initial Evaluations, taking only 45 minutes on average.

Our skilled assessment goes beyond the surface, delving into your movement function, disabilities, or injuries, all tailored to your physical therapy needs. We meticulously evaluate joint range of motion (ROM), strength, posture, balance, coordination, muscle tone, flexibility, stability, and neurological function, as needed.

You'll be empowered by a personalized plan of care (POC), brimming with functional goals and a progressive home exercise program, designed to tackle any injuries or disabilities that hinder your full functional abilities. Take the first step towards optimal wellness today."

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique involves inserting a thin filiform “dry” needle, one without medication or injection, into areas of the skin and soft tissue structures to normalize and maintain muscle and tendon function.

Benefits of Dry needling:

1. Pain Relief: Integrative dry needling can help alleviate acute and chronic pain by targeting trigger points and releasing muscle tension, leading to pain reduction.

2. Muscle Relaxation: The technique promotes muscle relaxation by reducing muscle spasms and tightness, helping to improve joint mobility and flexibility.

3. Improved Blood Flow: Dry needling can increase blood circulation in the treated areas, facilitating better oxygen and nutrient delivery to the tissues, which aids in the healing process.

4. Enhanced Healing: By stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms, integrative dry needling can accelerate tissue repair and recovery from injuries.

5. Myofascial Release: The needles used in dry needling help release myofascial trigger points and knots, improving the overall function of the musculoskeletal system.

6. Complements Other Therapies: Integrative dry needling can be an effective addition to other therapies like physical therapy, chiropractic care, or massage, enhancing their overall impact on patient outcomes.

7. Pain Management: For patients with chronic pain conditions, dry needling can serve as a valuable pain management tool, reducing the reliance on pain medications.

8. Neurological Effects: Dry needling may influence the nervous system, leading to reduced nerve sensitivity and decreased pain perception.

9. Improved Range of Motion: By addressing muscle tightness and restrictions, dry needling can help improve joint range of motion and functional abilities.

10. Non-Invasive: Dry needling is a non-invasive procedure that can provide significant therapeutic benefits without the need for surgery or medication.

11. Patient-Centric Treatment: Integrative dry needling is tailored to the individual's specific condition, allowing for personalized treatment plans to address unique needs and concerns.

Passive stretching

Passive Range of Motion stretching refers to the movement of a joint that is performed entirely by an external force, i.e physical therapist, without any voluntary muscle contraction from the individual. In other words, the person receiving the passive ROM exercises remains relaxed and allows the external force to move their joint through its full range of motion.

Passive stretching exercises are beneficial for several reasons:

1. Joint Mobility: Passive ROM exercises help maintain and improve the mobility of joints, preventing stiffness and contractures in individuals who may have limited ability or are unable to move their joints independently.

2. Preventing Adhesions: These exercises help prevent the formation of adhesions (abnormal bands of tissue) within a joint or between adjacent soft tissues, which can occur after surgery, injury, or prolonged immobilization.

3. Pain Reduction: Passive ROM exercises can alleviate pain in the affected joint or surrounding tissues by gently stretching and mobilizing the joint without causing strain to the muscles.

4. Post-Surgical Rehabilitation: Passive ROM is often used in the early stages of post-surgical rehabilitation to protect the healing tissues while maintaining joint mobility.

5. Supportive Therapy: For individuals who are unable to actively perform exercises due to weakness or neurological conditions, passive ROM exercises can provide a means of maintaining joint health and preventing muscle contractures.

6. Facilitating Independence: In some cases, passive ROM exercises may be used as a stepping stone to improve joint mobility and prepare individuals for active ROM exercises, eventually leading to greater independence in daily activities.

It is important to note that while passive ROM exercises offer these benefits, they do not strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint. Active ROM exercises, where the individual uses their own muscles to move the joint, are essential for muscle strengthening and functional improvement. Healthcare professionals carefully determine when and how to use passive ROM exercises based on the individual's specific condition and needs.

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Our Staff

Sienna Clark, DPT - Owner Clark Custom Therapy

Acquired a Bachelor of Science degree from Bradley University, located in central IL.

Earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Alabama State University in 2015.

8 years of comprehensive experience in the field of physical therapy.

Collaborated with over 50 proficient physical therapists across diverse settings,

including sports outpatient, university, military, hospital, home health, assisted living, and skilled nursing.

Exhibited adeptness in fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals, proficiently ordering referrals for MRI's, x-rays, orthopedic, pain management, and surgical procedures within the military setting.

Accumulated >7 1/2 years of specialized expertise in performing dry needling treatments.

Holds an esteemed Advanced Integrative Dry Needling Certification.

Successful completion of internationally recognized courses in treating back pain and

movement dysfunction, such as McKenzie A & B and Selective Movement Screen

Assessment (SFMA), in addition to the Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments Trust Manipulation Courses.

Pursued specialized training in Concussion management, pain science, evidence-based functional shoulder rehabilitation, and treating the OH athlete.

This diverse and extensive experience significantly enhances the ability to deliver

exceptional and innovative care to patients."

Marisol Clark, DPT - coming soon! Currently working only at Specific Events

Clients Feedback

Our Clients Reviews

Check out our testimonials, on our Clark Custom Therapy Instagram page, every Tuesday to see live client reviews and results!

“Blown away with. The impact of one session. Have been to chiropractors, sports massage… This was worth much more - actual progress toward a better functioning body!!”


Brian B

“Sienna is the absolute best! She has a great personality and really listens to your concerns - you can tell she genuinely cares. She is very knowledgable.”


Sierra T

Healthcare provider Recruiter

Finding paths to relief


How many visits will I typically need?

Physical therapy sessions' number and duration can vary significantly depending on the condition, its severity, and the individual patient.

Typically, a course of physical therapy for rehabilitation from a specific injury may span 4 to 16 weeks, with patients receiving treatment 1 to 3 times per week. However, some patients may require only a few sessions, while others might need more. Those accustomed to regular fitness may find 1 visit weekly to biweekly sufficient, provided they stay consistent with exercise prescription and progression.

For wellness and preventative treatment, maintaining muscle function may require 1-4 sessions a month, for 6 months + depending on activity levels, serving as a maintenance program.

All treatment plans, including the number of sessions, is custom-tailored to meet each patient's unique needs and goals.

FAQ image

Do I need a doctor’s referral for physical therapy?

No. Florida is a 30-day direct access state for physical therapy. That means you will not need a script or signed POC to start therapy. However, after 30 days to continue wellness or restorative physical therapy services a signed plan of care will need to be signed to continue therapy. A plan of care can be signed by a chiropractor, NP, or MD. This will be coordinated with your therapist and you upon determination of need for therapy after 30 days. 

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Should I schedule my appointment before or after I workout?

This answer depends on the patient’s situation. There are pros and cons to each or even weight. Most treatment can be performed before or after a workout. A majority of patients empirically prefer treatments following workout sessions.

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